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V-Hola's e Service Solution


for service and predictive maintenance of Electric Vehicles

Problem Definition

As electric vehicles age, their efficiency declines, leading to fewer miles per kWh of charged battery. This deterioration isn't solely due to battery aging but also due to aging energy-consuming components within the vehicle. As these components age, their energy consumption fingerprint changes, potentially indicating decreased efficiency and increased risk of malfunction. Currently, EV manufacturers lack a method to analyze these energetic fingerprints, relying solely on standard diagnostic protocols that don't address these aspects.

DALL·E 2024-02-20 11.06.46 - An electric vehicle (EV) is parked inside a dealer's workshop

V-Hola's e Service Solution


V-Hola's e2Service solution enables EV manufacturers to compare the original energetic "fingerprint" of electric vehicles, captured during design and manufacturing, with their current fingerprints when serviced. This comparison helps identify efficiency losses or malfunctions.

Similar to V-Hola's e2Lab and e2Field, V-Hola's e2Service solution uses Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) sensors placed strategically in the vehicle to record its energetic fingerprint and operational conditions. This data is uploaded to the cloud for analysis against the vehicle's original fingerprint and a that of a reference model, aiding in proactive maintenance and performance optimization.


This solution is based on
V-Hola's Energy Efficiency
(E  ) Platform
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