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V-Hola's e Lab Solution


for designing and engineering an Electric Vehicle

Problem Definition

Developing an electric vehicle involves years of complex prototyping, validation, and revisions, particularly focusing on evaluating power consumption across various electro-mechanical components like motors, climate control systems, electronic control units etc. Testing samples in labs requires meticulous manual effort, attaching current clamps to numerous components to ensure efficiency and performance.

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V-Hola's e Lab Solution


V-Hola introduces its advanced V-Hola e2Lab solution to streamline and enhance efficiency during this stage. This innovative solution offers engineers a non-intrusive method to monitor energy consumption of multiple power consumers within the vehicle using a single system. It integrates 4-8 electromagnetic sensors strategically placed in the vehicle, connecting to a central processing unit that receives network data and forwards it to a desktop application in the lab.


The desktop application enables thorough examination of the vehicle's energy usage across validation scenarios, correlating with driving behaviors and component activation. Using AI and ML algorithms, e2Lab identifies patterns, anomalies, and inefficiencies. Insights and data are shared via a web application, aiding engineers in assessing optimizations and refining energy consumption. V-Hola's e2Lab streamlines EV efficiency optimization, enhancing development and vehicle production.


This solution is based on
V-Hola's Energy Efficiency
(E  ) Platform
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