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V-Hola's Energy Efficiency (E  ) Platform


Revolutionizing Energy Optimization with V-Hola's Energy Efficiency (E2) Platform


Our Energy Efficiency platform is aimed to achieve Energy Consumption Optimization and Predictive Maintenance, by identifying Anomalies and Inefficiencies in energy flow, through analysis of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) around Energy Consumers in an Electric Vehicle.

Electromagnetic Fields Sensor

Our advanced EMF sensor array lies at the core of our technology, pinpointing and analyzing electric energy consumption across all vehicle components. Operating from 20 Hz to 200 kHz, these sensors offer unmatched precision for energy monitoring and optimization.

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Machine Learning Algorithms

Advanced AI/ML algorithms correlating energy consumption with operational data, spotting patterns, anomalies, and inefficiencies for improved efficiency. 

Vehicle Network Listener

Understanding vehicle and driver behavior is key to optimizing energy consumption. Our Vehicle Network Listener analyzes driving behavior, vehicle operations, driver preferences, and road conditions to achieve this.


Energetic Fingerprint Library of Vehicle Components

Our Component Fingerprint Library contains energy consumption data for industry components, curated by our labs. It's crucial for energy optimization strategies.

Diagnostics Tools

Advanced data analytics tools for users to create custom graphs of electromagnetic field intensities by frequency or energy consumer. It also synchronizes vehicle network messages for analysis.

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Collaboration Platform

Sharing diagnostics, patterns, anomalies, and inefficiencies with the wider development teams.

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