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V-Hola's Technology and Benefits

Technology Geared Towards Optimizing
Energy Consumption 

V-HOLA's groundbreaking technology optimizes vehicle energy consumption throughout its lifecycle. It integrates EMF Sensors to analyze electric energy usage, a Vehicle Network Listener to monitor behavior, Machine Learning Algorithms to identify inefficiencies, and a Component Fingerprint Library for data comparison.

Energy Efficiency Platform.png

V-Hola's Value Proposition

For EV Manufacturers, seeking to extend range and contribute to environmental sustainability, V-Hola develops non-intrusive software & hardware solutions that correlate energy consumption with vehicle & driver behavior as well as road conditions, to enable energy optimization and monitor vehicle health, across the EV development lifecycle.


Benefits of V-Hola's Technology

Our platform offers a comprehensive range of benefits designed to address both the practical and environmental challenges faced by electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers and to support the wider adoption of EVs for a more sustainable future.

Benefits to...
EV Manufacturers

Increased Driving Range

Reduce Battery Cost and Weight

Improve range predictability

Benefits to...
Environmental Sustainability

Accelerate Adoption Rate of Electric Vehicles

Reduce Power Consumption per Mile / Kilometer driving

Enable Reduction of Battery Size 

Reduce development & validation cost and time

Reduce Mean time between failures (MTBF)

Reduce cost of warranty and service

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