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V-Hola's e Drive Solution


for post production Electric Vehicles

Problem Definition

One of the primary concerns associated with electric vehicles is commonly referred to as "range anxiety," which stems from a combination of factors. The first factor is the limited driving range of battery-powered vehicles. The second factor involves the inaccuracy in the range calculations provided by electric vehicles. The final factor is related to the scarcity of charging stations and the longer duration required to charge an electric vehicle compared to refueling at a gas station.


V-Hola's e Drive Solution


V-Hola's e2Drive solution leverages the company's advanced capability to analyze energy consumption patterns in electric vehicles across a variety of driving scenarios, including different geographies, weather conditions, and driver behaviors. By correlating these patterns with the electric vehicle's real-time operational data, captured through vehicle networks like CANBUS, e2Drive can suggest more efficient energy consumption profiles. A key application of V-Hola's e2Drive is the creation of a personalized "eco" driving mode. This mode can optimize for either greater efficiency tailored to the driver's unique characteristics or enhanced performance without increasing energy consumption.


This solution is based on
V-Hola's Energy Efficiency
(E  ) Platform
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