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V-Hola's e Field Solution


for validation and field testing of Electric Vehicles

Problem Definition

Electric Vehicle manufacturers conduct extensive field tests to validate vehicle performance in real-world conditions. These tests involve multiple pre-SOP vehicles driving thousands of miles across various climates, roads, and terrains. A key aspect is ensuring energy consumption and range prediction align with expectations. However, manufacturers currently lack efficient methods to analyze individual component energy consumption during this stage.

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V-Hola's e Field Solution


V-Hola e2Field solution monitors energy consumption of various power consumers within the vehicle using 2-4 electromagnetic sensors strategically placed in the vehicle. In addition, the system also records relevant network messages, signaling the operational behavior of the vehicle and driver. All this data is recorded while test vehicles are in motion and uploaded to the cloud for analysis.

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Once data uploads to the cloud, the system employs AI and ML algorithms to identify patterns, anomalies, and inefficiencies in the vehicle's operation. These insights, along with data, are shared via a web application, aiding engineers in discerning variations and refining energy consumption through optimizations. V-Hola's e2Field simplifies the task of optimizing EV efficiency, enhancing development and contributing to superior vehicle production.


This solution is based on
V-Hola's Energy Efficiency
(E  ) Platform
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